Heather And Dylan Country Chic Engagement

The moment that I face planted out of my full size bed on Sunday morning, I knew that It would be nothing but an interesting day. How I managed to nose dive out of my bed, I don't know. I'm relieved that my cat Espy was the only one to witness that. 

Let's get to the good stuff. 
Heather and Dylan are both long time friends of mine. I never would have thought in elementary That the sassy little boy with the funky hair would be marrying my good friend and I'd be there to capture every minute of it. Heather and I met at The Fireside, my first job. We bonded over warm milk and fake retainers (it's a story for another time). Their love is evident and I was so happy to be able to spend Sunday evening with these two.They both shared with me the first time that they met. Little did they know, assembling a bed frame together would result in a love like this.

I could tell these two have been surfing Pinterest because the mix of our ideas created something really amazing. Also, a big thanks to Jessica (my roomie) for being my second pair of eyes all day. Without the help of everyone involved, this couldn't have been possible. 

Q&A from the Bride

Link to your wedding day inspiration board (pinterest): https://www.pinterest.com/heatherdawn14/
Describe your wedding day style in one sentence: Country chic and rustic
Wedding day color scheme: Neutrals (tan, blush, cream, gold)
Describe your wedding planning process up until now: Enjoyable and easy
Tips you could pass on to other brides in the planning process?: Get the "big things" settled and the rest will fall into place
Anything you would have done differently?: Nope
Most memorable moment during the planning process: When Gavyn offered to be my photographer :)
Where did you get your dress?: David's Bridal
Name of your Hair & Makeup Artsits?: Kaytlin and Jordin Kniess (makeup) Amanda Kassube (hair)