To the Woman Who Has Done It All


To the woman who has done it all

Thank you.

You say you’re sorry because you can’t give me all I need,

I say thank you for building me up and helping me succeed.

You say if you could, you would give me the world,

I say thank you for letting me into this beautiful world.

You say I amaze you every day,

I say you are the force behind my triumphs each and every way.

You say I am worth more than what I have been given,

I say everything that you have done is the the reason why I am still livin’.

You say you are proud to be my mother,

I say that I wouldn’t want any other.

You say I am your flower, blossoming more and more every day.

I say you are my seed, my roots, and my sun in the month of May.

Thank you mom.

You’ve done it all.
Gavyn BaxaGTB Imagery