Heathers Bridal Shower

From strangers, to coworkers, to work best friends, to forever friends, this girl knows me to a T. Heather is one of the most caring, respectable, and funniest gals I know. I am so happy to be able to be apart of her and Dylan's special day. Just being around the two of them, I can feel that the love is real. It's really refreshing, actually. Ok, I'll stop being sappy now. I promise to save it for September 24th ;).

Back to nitty gritty- I took some snaps of Heathers Bridal Shower a few weeks back and I wanted to share some of the pictures with you! 

What do you do when a painting on your Brides registry is Out Of Stock? 
Well... you paint it of course!


I wonder what they are going to do with THREE sets of glass beverage dispensers.... 

Until next time,
Gavyn B

Gavyn BaxaGTB Imagery