5 Wedding Photographer Must-Haves

Winter in the midwest is typically slow season for every wedding photographer. "Slow season" is when wedding season comes to a close. Many photographers get out of wedding mode and focus on the bookwork, taxes, and all the behind the scenes tasks that we can't get to in the thick of weddings.

The brink of 2018 Wedding season is coming up quick and I would love to share with you my MUST-HAVES for a wedding day. I can guarantee that these vary from photographer to photographer because everyone has their own way of doing things. 

JORD watch on wedding photographer

My Top 5 Wedding Must-Haves:

1. My JORD Watch

There's nothing more annoying than having to pull out your phone during the ceremony or dinner to simply check the time. My JORD watch allows me to not have to dig in my pocket or waste my phone battery to check the time. Let's just say, it's at the right place at the right time, all the time. HA. This conveniently stylish wooden watch is so versatile. If you know me, you know that I am a fan of minimalistic designs. JORD offers many different styles for both men and women. They even offer watch engraving. Talk about getting personal!

JORD- Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Emerald

JORD- Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Emerald

JORD- Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Emerald

JORD- Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Emerald

If you’d like a JORD watch of your own, enter to win $100 towards a watch here! Even better- everyone gets 10% off by entering!! Score!

2. Pretty Dead Cow Camera Holster Strap

Carrying two cameras can be tiresome but can you imagine trying to carry two cameras with two separate straps? No thank you. This strap makes it easy to snap photos conveniently with two separate cameras. It also gives me different focal length/camera lens options at the ready.

3. Mints and gum

Let me tell you- there is nothing worse than having to talk to 200+ people for 8 hours with the fear of blowing hot and stinky breath onto them. Altoids have never let me down.

Pretty Dead Cow Camera Strap

4. Pelican 510 Case (with TrekPak)

I just recently purchased the Pelican 510 case and have not used it through a full wedding season just yet, but I can tell you that it's going to be so clutch. In the past I have had to carry multiple bags of camera gear. Not this year. This year I have my camera gear all in one place. Just typing that makes me excited. There will be a lot less room for error and forgetting things behind (lets hope!). It's also the perfect size to be a carry-on for traveling. Planning a wedding in Europe?? Holla at ya girl!

5. Comfy Shoes

This probably should have been number 1 on the list. If you're not wearing comfortable shoes on a wedding day, it's a sure thing that your dogs will be barking the next day. Invest in a pair of shoes that you can walk, talk, and take over 1,000 photos in because well, that's your job. ;)

JORD watch