It's me again!

I am pleased to share with you a few of the many awesome shots that Bella and I got the other dayI This beautiful woman used to be a Rock Agency model (Ayyoo! Me too- S/O to Raquel :P), and now she is off on her own journey to pursue her passions.

It makes me so happy when others are willing to create a path that may have never been taught to them before. The strongest will is passion and I hope that YOU, along with everyone else, is able to find that "thing" in life. Passion will drive you to places that you never thought were possible. I can't explain the feeling that it will bring to you, but you will know. It will knock out all odds that you ever thought were against you and you wont want to stop, ever. Maybe that's just my determined nature, but it is in you. You just have to find it first.



Gavyn BaxaGTB Imagery