Burnett Family Lifestyle Session

Walking into the Burnett family home, I would have never thought that I would have walked out with a even a slight bit of "baby fever". If you know me, you know that this, in itself, is something to write home about.

Gavyn.. with baby fever..? Never.

Well, yes. It happened. As you scroll down the page and view some of the images from our session, you will begin to understand why.

I always find great joy in spending time with each and every one of my families. I am truly humbled by the acceptance and welcoming spirits that I am granted with each time I show up at their front door with a camera and a bag full of props.

My lifestyle family sessions take place in the comfort of my clients' homes. They are real, raw, and uncensored. I appreciate them most because of the authenticity of the photograph that the environment creates.