Kathryn and Daniel | Hubbard Park Wedding

How we met... We met through mutual friends. I wasn't "looking" at the moment but in hindsight I recall that my friend had shown me the Facebook picture of this guy that her husband worked with, and he was making a goofy face in his profile pic. She was like look at this guy, he's funny! At the time I was like ok neat. But now I realize she thought I might like him and his weird humor. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was at their house for a Friday night gathering, I made a pretty nerdy comment and I think Dan's friend immediately texted him and said get over here... Dan was working late but his friend was insistent... Said there was a cute girl here who you'd like. Well he came over after work, we all hung out and Dan and I talked most of the night. We all talked about going to a movie the next day, and my friend conveniently said she couldn't make it, so I guess that was our first date. Dan had been living in Milwaukee about a year and a few days later he told me he hadn't really met anyone so he was excited. 

I'm not sure if there was a specific moment I was in love... I think we just really clicked, and there were so many things about our personalities and maturity (emotionally mature but immature in our humor lol). So it's like loving your best friends right away, of course I loved him pretty fast because he was such a great guy and we just really liked each other as humans. I mean, he's a cat guy. He's smart, compassionate, open, honest, funny; he enjoys food and travel, snuggles, movies, loves animals, etc. etc. I wanted to buy a house maybe 8 months after we met and I just asked him to join me in the adventure without even batting an eyelash. It's like everything just sort of fell into place and we never looked back. 

A silly story... We will make fart noises for an hour using the webbing between the thumb and pointer finger. Kathryn will randomly walk like a gorilla just for giggles. Part of what makes us work is we are both giant goobers and we can't help but be dorks at all times. 

Special thanks to:

My fabulous second shooter: Anya Kubilus
Venue: Humboldt Park, Shorewood WI
Florist: Brides Mother