Horticultural Hall | Lake Geneva Wisconsin Wedding

So I’m going to spill the beans right up front. Michael surprised Anna with their golden retriever Lola during the ceremony! Yes. It was amazing as it sounds. Lola was SO excited to see Anna and Michael, she could barely contain herself as she walked down the isle.

A tip from me to you: if you want to make your wedding day 1000x better, add a dog into the mix.

Anna and Michael’s wedding was at Horticultural Hall in Lake Geneva. This was my second time at this venue and as always, the green ivy walls and the great big windows did not disappoint.

As soon as I saw Anna’s dress, I knew it was perfect for her. Something about the full lace and flowing sleeves, screamed her name. Anna’s bridesmaids all wore light pinks and purples. The soft color palette went perfectly along with the guys dark blue suits and pink vests.

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