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"...Gavyn was organized, gave advice, and gave comforting words when it was needed! On our wedding day she did an amazing job keeping everything on track and always kept me in the know of what was next... I would 100% recommend booking Gavyn." - Nicole, The Knot

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Unlike many photographers, I didn't come out kicking and screaming with a camera in hand. I grew up with a strong passion for art and all things creative but I didn't know exactly where it would take me. However, I was the teenager who always had to have the latest and greatest touch screen gadgets and cameras. After moving from a small town (Fort Atkinson) to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I decided to take a leap. I went full throttle ahead with what I have found to be my true passion in life, serving others through the art of photography. There is nothing I would rather be investing my time and talents into other than what truly fuels my fire. Living in Chicago is exactly what I needed to give me an extra creative kick in the pants to serve my couples with the best experience possible.

When the ones I love and people around me are happy, I am content. I have always had a knack for understanding others and responding to their needs with compassion. This made me a dang good server in college and is one of the reasons I was pursuing a career in Psychology. My compassionate soul has proven to be beneficial in owning my own business and servicing my wedding couples as well. This is why I especially want to get to know the two of you, your likes/dislikes, and everything in between. I'm as easy-going as they come and have always taken anything life throws at me. Your wedding won't be handled any differently.

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