Gavyn Taylor Baxa | Photographer

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Chicago Illinois

 Photo by Matt Green @iam_green

Photo by Matt Green @iam_green

Yes, my name is Gavyn and yes it's a girls name!
You wouldn't believe how many times I've gotten, "Gavyn?! That's a boys name!" Or "Hm. Gavyn? That's my grandsons name." *sigh* What's a girl to do?! I've actually grown to love my name.
Despite the years in gym class when the gym teacher would do roll call and look over at the boys every time my name was called. I'd be the red-faced shy girl in the corner raising my hand, like hey! Um yes that's me. My best frien
d can vouch for me that when my name would get called over the loud speaker in the hallways in high school, they butchered it every time. The multiple ways to pronounce Gavyn Baxa has been proven to be an endless list of possibilities. The last day of senior year my name was still mispronounced. It keeps me on my toes or the rest of you guys- however you'd Like to see it.

Unlike many photographers, I didn't come out kicking and screaming with a camera in hand. I grew up with a strong passion for art and all things creative but I didn't know exactly where it would take me. I didn't have full exposure to a digital camera growing up, instead I hung out with my family dog and the horses out back. Life has taken me through a vast array of experiences. After moving from a small town to Milwaukee and graduating with a degree in Psychology from UW-Milwaukee, I decided to take a leap. I went full throttle ahead with what I have found to be my true passion in life, photography. Since starting my photography business I have photographed a number of weddings, family portraits, head shots, fundraising events, and commercial photography. There is nothing I would rather be investing my time and talents into other than what truly fuels my fire.

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Photo By: Tiffaney Childs Photography
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