Someone who can manage a crowd and also step back to let nature take its course. 
Someone who has experienced numerous scenarios and knows how to navigate them.
Someone who can provide you with endless guidance to make certain you get the most out of your wedding day
Someone that will let you know when your hair is out of place but also embrace the uncertainty.
Someone who will not treat you as another client, but a friend.


You're looking for a photographer who checks all the boxes

Let me guess,

Get to know me

I pride myself in being a dependable and reliable resource for my couples while always being a phone call away. I'll have your back just like your best gals/guys do. You can rest assured you will be my number one priority from the moment you hit 'send email' until the end of time. I truly adore each and every one of my couples and make sure to remind them of this even after their wedding day is through. 

Hi ! I'm Gavyn


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