Boone & Crockett | Urban Ecology Center Engagement

Gone are the days that Jen and I spent hustlin' and making our living at The Cheesecake Factory.
*Thank the lord above! I have to say though, working at Cheesecake Factory has brought me close to people that I would have otherwise never met.

I was elated when Jen booked me for their 2019 wedding. I was even more happy for Jen when she introduced me to her fiancè Paul. Paul compliments Jen perfectly. Our engagement session felt like we were just old friends hanging out, the camera was just there to pop in from time to time.

We started their engagement session at the new Boone and Crockett location in Milwaukee. If you haven't been, you need tah go! IF you like Old Fashioned's then you should be there RIGHT NOW!
Who doesn't love a good Wisconsin old-fashioned? (Yes- they're different in Wisconsin) 
After a few drinks at Boone and Crockett we did an outfit change and went over to the Urban Ecology center. I cannot believe that I lived in Milwaukee for four years and had no idea the Urban Ecology Center was in my backyard. I literally lived three blocks away at one point. LIKE WHAT?!? This place is gorgeous! 
I love all of the pockets of nature that Milwaukee holds.