Jennifer and Charlotte


When you can look back at an image gallery from a recent session and fall in love with the photos all over again, it's magical. 

I have much respect for Jenn and the love she shares with her beautiful daughter Charlotte. It inspired me to remind my mother and all mothers out there that, you are enough.
(Hence my previous blog post here )

I saw how hard my mom worked to raise me and put food on the table (even if, at times, she was comparable to Chef Boyardee.-Sorry ma!)

I know how hard it was for her to stay strong at the toughest of times. It's amazing, really. I only hope to become as great of a woman that she was and is today.

To the daughters and young girls who feel that nothing you do is ever good enough, don't let yourself believe that garbage. I've been there. We have all been there. I am here to tell you that you are more than enough. I know it may not feel that way because, I too get caught up in my emotions. It's when I force myself to come back to reality that I realize how far I have came. The strides that I have made to get me where I am at today can only be because of the drive that my mother has instilled into me. We all have that drive. Find what drives you and stick with it.

What you bring to the table of life is something special and unique. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Shine on.

-Gavyn B