Top Milwaukee Session Locations

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Here are the most popular and if I’m being honest, my absolute favorite Milwaukee, Wisconsin photo session locations. These can be utilized for engagement sessions, family sessions, portrait sessions, and everything in between!

Top Milwaukee Photo Session Locations

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You’re engaged! Yay! This blissful time in the wedding process, when everything is just getting started, is so exciting. By now, you’ve probably gotten started on planning and booked a photographer (hopefully me!) But you might be at a loss as to where you can shoot your engagement session. What is even available given the […]

Chicago Session Locations During COVID

Second Photographer for wedding day

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Something you might not have considered while knee-deep in planning your wedding was a second photographer. It’s a tough decision, and a lot of new brides and grooms ask me whether it’s even worth it. For context, a second shooter is someone who works in tandem with your primary shooter, (me!). This results in double […]

Should you Hire a Second Photographer?

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Many couples ask me about The First Look. It’s a unique, intimate moment shared with only the bride, groom, and me, your photographer. This photography session takes place before the ceremony, before the cocktail hour, and before the day gets crazy. It can result in a lot of pent up emotion and provide a bit of peace […]

Let’s Talk About the First Look

COVID Wedding planning

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The topic of the year, the dreaded coronavirus, has affected every aspect of “normal” life. Wedding planning seems to be no exception. The uncertainty of the pandemic in its early stages left many couples questioning if they should postpone their Big Day. Now that we understand that the pandemic likely won’t disappear soon, it’s clear that […]

When COVID Affects Your Wedding Planning

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A small and intimate rustic meets french country wedding at an outdoor barn.

Bridl Barn & Garden Wedding | Mt. Horeb Wisconsin

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Stuck on what to get your photographer friend for the Holidays? Let this blog post guide you to some awesome unique gifts!

Trending Gifts For The Photographer/Tech Nerd In Your Life

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Why a First Look with your Dad might be a good idea.

Why You Need A First Look With Dad

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My top 5 must-haves on a wedding day as a photographer.

5 Wedding Photographer Must-Haves