Why You Need A First Look With Dad

Daddy Daughter First Look

We are all familiar with the first look with your groom on your wedding day. I'm one of those who will go on and on about why you SHOULD consider it. For my traditional brides, I get you. I'm not one to shove it down your throat but I will tell you why it's probably the best idea ever. 

If you're a bit lost here and aren't really sure what a first look even is, let me help you. 

A first look is when you see your groom (or dad) BEFORE the ceremony. This gives the two of you an intimate/special moment together alone. I know what you're thinking and yes, alone. You two will be able to bask in the wedding day bliss, alone together, for a few short moments to stop, enjoy the day together, and calm your nerves. I always ask my couples how they feel before and after their first look. 100% will tell me that they are nervous as heck before the first look and once they see their groom they feel ten hundred times better.

Think about it. You are walking down the isle, you lay eyes on your bride/groom for the first time that day. They look AMAZING. Stunning. Honestly, the best damn thing you've ever laid eyes on. You finally are a step away from each other, but you can't say anything more than two words. The officiant starts talking. You are to stand in front of your wedding guests and simply hold hands. Don't you just want to hug them, talk to them, and share all the gossip on what was going on earlier that day?! That's the beauty of a first look. No audience, just the two of you, bye bye nerves. 

That's my view on a first look with your groom. But a first look with Dad? Genius.

I know this isn't for everyone. It may depend on what your relationship with your father looks like. I can only assume, the closer the relationship with your father, the more likely it is for you to be interested in a Daddy/Daughter first look. 

I have witnessed some real emotional first looks. If you know me, then you know I was probably hiding my face behind my camera, crying tears along with them. 

The moment that your dad sees you in your wedding dress can be a memorable and emotional time for the both of you. A wedding day is focused on the Bride and Groom but it can be a sweet sentiment to take some time out of the day to spend with your father.

Daddy Daughter First Look
Daddy Daughter First Look- Gavyn Taylor Photo

When it comes down to it, this day is about you (bride/groom). Do what makes you happiest.