Torhorst Family Session

I knew I missed summer in Wisconsin for more than just the fact that Vitamin D is on-the-ready as soon as I walk out of the door of my downtown Milwaukee apartment.
What may that be?...


What is Golden Hour?

Golden hour is the hour before the sun officially sets. The earth becomes encapsulated by a mystical golden glow. It is on of my most favorite times to photograph. I really enjoy how it naturally creates a beautiful glow and warmth. It really cannot be beat. Not that Becky, Patrick, and little Liam needed any extra "pizzazz" to their photo session, but it definitely made it even more magical. 

Liam was a true natural with the camera. When I say that I mean, he stared at my camera THE WHOLE TIME. My heart was melted from those big brown eyes by the time the session was over. 

See for yourself....