How did I know that photography was what I wanted to pursue?

Growing up, I was always the one person out of my friend group that HAD to have the coolest new touch screen camera and all the latest and greatest tech things. However, figuring it out wasn't that simple. As you can imagine, I have always been skinny tall girl with long brown hair. Constantly, I was reminded that I would make the perfect model. So, I went with it. I tried modeling out for a year or two. I was good at it, yes, but it just didn't feel right to me. I didn't have the passion to quit my day job for it. When it came down to skipping a college degree or traveling over seas to build my modeling portfolio, my education took a front seat. Now, if I had discovered my love for photography early on, my path may have taken a different route.

Now, how did I know photography was the answer to all of my burning life questions?
The answer to this is simple and it’s for the same reason that anyone would go to school to be a teacher or study to become a doctor. Photography is my passion; it is what I love to do. Even more so, I love being a storyteller. I love being able to document and share the special moments of someone’s life. I always knew that I wanted to work with people and in some way, serve the community. With photography, I can do just that. My photographs are there to tell a story and to connect the viewer with the person/place/thing being photographed.

I was talking with a friend the other day as we scrolled through my website. We passed a photo and she stopped me immediately. “Omg, you took that? I want to be IN that photo! That is absolutely amazing.” This reaction is one I will never forget. This is exactly the reaction that I strive for when I photograph. In that exact moment, I realized that my intentions of creating the most envied scene was accomplished. If my photos do that for just one person, just ONE, I have done my job. Now, of course I want to reach more than just one person out of millions. If one person feels this way, I can assume that those emotions with eventually be transferred to others.

 I never did take control of my capabilities behind a camera until I got my first DSLR camera. I begun to fully understand my capabilities and passion behind a camera. I felt empowered behind the lens. I finally realized how to get my message across in the most honest and creative way. Now I can feel confident in the fact that the world around me is able to view and understand the world just as I see it. That in itself, is so wonderful to me.